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Who are we?

This is an example for an imageWe are a group of  translators and court interpreters mostly from Croatia who cooperate with many translators worldwide for various language combinations. Our associates are professionals accurately selected and always ready to work and to deliver quality. We are working within various fields of expertise and have cooperated with many international companies and individuals from Austria, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, UK and USA.
Our goal is to provide you 3 in one - quality, flexible price and quick service.

Head of the organization is Miss Ivana Bojčić, court interpreter for German and Italian language. You can contact her directly via Gmail, official Proz.com profile or LinkedIn.



Any translation which intends to perform a transmitting function cannot transmit anything but information -- hence, something inessential. This is the hallmark of bad translations. - Walter Benjamin

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Sućidar 15
21000 Split

Phone: +385 95 8999 434
Skype (upon request): bojak71
E-Mail: info@croatranslations.com